Our goal is to embark millions of people to the blockchain gaming ecosystem by creating a cross-chain play-to-earn game with the highest player retention and engagement level in the industry. Follow us on Twitter to find out more.



Stephen the Great is the most known Romanian prince. He's the one who gets to help you in this crazy challenge of saving the world from evil!



Kotys is the Thracian goddess mother. She's the protector of life, family, and well-being. You'll want to have her powers on your side on the field.



Here are some snippets on what we're preparing for you


Thinking big. We've set up a very bold roadmap, but we're ready to put in the effort so, stay with us!

We will start building our community and will announce our vision to the blockchain gaming world. We will set in motion our goal by launching high-quality art that will set us apart from the crowd.

Giveaways, Quests and Collabs
Genesis Heroes Pre-Sale
Genesis Heroes Sale
Game and Token Whitepaper 1.0

We will reveal a game demo with all mechanics and gameplay details as proof of concept. We will build forward by collecting feedback from our community. Our holders will get passive income from their NFTs and free NFT airdrops that will allow them to the first players that test our game.

Playable Game Alpha Demo
Genesis Hero Staking
Artifacts Airdrop
Marketplace Launch

We will launch Puzzle Crusade the game and the token in full speed for our early adopters building the foundation for a strong ecosystem. $Puzzle will be our governance token and in-game currency. You will gain voting power by holding $Puzzle token. Most of the rewards will be paid using $Puzzle. We have selected CertiK, a leader in blockchain security, to audit the $Puzzle smart contract to ensure security, transparency and safety for our community. We will release our application on both iOS and Android in order to provide early adopters with a mobile experience in Beta mode. We will airdrop Heroes NFTs to all our Genesis holders that will be immediately usable in-game and tradable on our marketplace.

Puzzle Token Official Launch
Certik audit
App 1.0 Launch on IOS and Android
Weekly Hero Drops

We will onboard the absolute majority of crypto gaming enthusiasts becoming a mainstream mobile game by users and volume on blockchain. Our goal is to reach 100k active daily users by the end of the year and to build Version 2.0 of the app based on their feedback and user experience. Our objective at this stage will be to create a habit for our users to play the game daily for the earnings, but first and foremost - for fun. We will stand out from the crowd of promising gaming projects by listing $Puzzle on top-tier exchanges in our first year of existence providing access to $Puzzle token for millions of crypto investors.

PvP Battle Mode
Legendary Heroes Sale
Puzzle Token Listings on Top 5 CEXs
100K Daily Active Users

We aim for mass adoption. A user-friendly medium will be created to attract a large number of players (including non-crypto folks) to the Blockchain Gaming without any friction caused by the traditional crypto learning curve. A new version of the app with significant changes and additional features will be released. It’s simple math, really. 2.0 is twice 1.0. Building metaverse and enhancing decentralized governance, amongst many more goals in the pipeline such as but not limited to cross-chain integration, bridging assets to and from other games, e-sport tournaments, off-line events, and charity campaigns.

Auction of Land and large assets
iOS and Android App Version 2.0
1M Daily Active Users
Building the DAO


We will move quickly in these next couple of weeks so you want to make sure you follow us on Twitter and you turn on notifications. Soon we will launch our Discord and the first 1000 people to join will get OG roles and other perks.
Don’t sleep on that!




Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Our lead game developer, with a made-up identity created recently just to troll the company that fired him for showing initiative.

ThE Bear

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Although by name he is believed to be more of an expert in honey and barrels, it is rumored that he would be good at creating strategies and profitable projects in the long run. Probably just a rumor, but we like to believe it.

The Wolf

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

The latest monitoring of him shows that he is better at spending money than collecting it. Sometimes through pubs, other times in projects that are ready to explode, but in both cases he does it together with the team and investors. Let's give him a chance.

The Bull

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

The man in charge of our marketing across all channels. If you see uncensored posts on our socials - he's the one to blame.


NFT Artist

She is one of our illustrators that has a public identity and already launched her own successful collection on Opensea. If you see cats within our artwork, it’s probably her fault.

Code Purple

Game Developer

He eats, drinks and sleeps game development. This one time we left him Friday night in the office to fix a bug and discovered him back Monday morning exhausted, hungry and thirsty.

Code Yellow

Game Developer

She is like a mother to our office. We would've all freak out or panic at some point if she wasn't there to help us out overcome obstacles

Code Green

Game Developer

The guy who always plays a new game 24/7. We're still not entirely sure if he can actually code, but he's the one to always bring the best ideas, so we kind of tolerate his presence in the team.


Lead Designer

He had hundreds of jobs until now, but his childhood dream was to create the heroes for his own mobile Match 3 + RPG game. Not a dream anymore…

Code R

Blockchain Developer

Blockchain GOD. We actually think he descend from the game itself, otherwise we can't explain his skills.


Community Manager

She just loves people, so banning players for spamming discord servers is the most painful thing in the world for her so, please don’t make her do it.


Inspirational Leader

If not for Ruka, nothing of this would have been possible.