Our goal is to embark millions of people to the blockchain gaming ecosystem by creating a cross-chain play-and-earn game with the highest player retention and engagement level in the industry. Follow us on Twitter to find out more.



Stephen the Great is the most known Romanian prince. He's the one who gets to help you in this crazy challenge of saving the world from evil!



Kotys is the Thracian goddess mother. She's the protector of life, family, and well-being. You'll want to have her powers on your side on the field.



Here are some snippets on what we're preparing for you


Thinking big. We've set up a very bold roadmap, but we're ready to put in the effort so, stay with us!

We are a group of friends passionate about gaming and crypto. The idea about building a game on blockchain struck us in early 2022. We created a Twitter profile and started posting our ideas and sketches of what the game would look like. The feedback from the crypto community was very positive, and it seemed promising. It took us nearly a year to put everything together, assemble the team and set up some realistic goals. In Q3 2023, we defined our roadmap and began working on marketing and game development.

Game Idea Tests
Team Assembly and Role Distribution
Setting Up the Roadmap
Crafting Engaging Narratives and Artwork
Pre-development and Game Prototype

Our roadmap unfolds with the unveiling of a comprehensive game demo, showcasing intricate mechanics and immersive gameplay elements to substantiate our concept. Progressing from this milestone, we will actively solicit feedback from our community, fostering an iterative development process.

Key Steps:
Release of Game and Token Whitepaper 1.0
Closed Alpha Demo Version 0.01
Active Whitelisting
Genesis Heroes Sale

We drive Puzzle Crusade forward, catering to early adopters. $Puzzle is both governance and in-game currency, granting voting power. Rewards mainly in $Puzzle enhance value. For security, we will partner with CertiK, auditing the $Puzzle contract, securing community. Launching on iOS and Android in Beta offers immersive experience. Genesis holders get Heroes NFTs, tradable on our marketplace.

Key Steps:
Puzzle Token Official Launch
Certik audit
App 1.0 Launch on IOS and Android
Weekly Hero Drops

We're determined to capture the majority of crypto gaming enthusiasts, becoming a leading blockchain-based mobile game. Target: 100k daily users by year-end, enhancing with Version 2.0 based on their feedback. Our aim: daily gameplay habit driven by fun and earnings. We'll shine by listing $Puzzle on top exchanges in our first year, reaching millions of crypto investors.

Key Steps:
PvP Battle Mode Launch
Legendary Heroes Sale
$Puzzle Listing on Top 5 CEXs
Reach 100K Daily Active Users

We aim for broad adoption. A user-friendly platform draws diverse players, simplifying crypto learning. App 2.0, with major enhancements, follows 1.0. Our goals expand: building a metaverse, bettering governance, and pursuing cross-chain integration, asset bridging, e-sports, events, and charity.

Key Steps:
Auctioning Land and Substantial Assets
Launch of iOS and Android App Version 2.0
Achieving 1 Million Daily Active Users
Establishing the DAO


We will move quickly in these next couple of weeks so you want to make sure you follow us on X and you turn on notifications. Soon we will launch our Discord and the first 1000 people to join will get OG roles and other perks.
Don’t sleep on that!