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1What is Puzzles Crusade?
Puzzles Crusade is a Match 3 RPG for iOS and Android with Play and Earn Mechanics built on blockchain. The game features an interactive economic and strategic Metaverse created to explore and conquire the ingame world. It offers a sophisticated gameplay featuring multiple actions players need to take in order to build hero teams, and create a thriving civilization. Puzzles Crusade is inspired by the most famous and successful Mobile RPGs of all time, including Empires and Puzzles, World of Warcraft, Diablo 2, Final Fantasy 6, The Witcher series, but this time built with true player ownership and decentralization in mind!
2When will the game be released?
The game is currently in closed Alpha version testings. We plan to release the first Alpha version for the public right after the sale of our Genesis Heroes Collection.
3Can I join the closed testing?
Currently the game is tested by our closed team of ambassadors. Keep an eye on our socials for announcements on when we'll open our discord.
4What is the Genesis Heroes Collection
The Genesis Heroes Collection is a set of very specific Heroes. These are the most powerful heroes in the game, and they will also provide all kind of benefits for the players holding them.
5When will the sale take place?
As per our Roadmap, the Genesis Heroes Collection sale is set to take place in Q2 2024.
6Is there a free-to-play aspect of the game?
Our game is free-to-play by definition. You can be F2P all the way and still benefit of the whole game experience. As you play and advance in the game, you will be able to mint your heroes and items as NFTs.
7I am new to Web3 gaming. Is it hard to start?
No harder than playing any usual game. We will implement a non-custodial wallet system, so you don't need to worry about anything crypto related. However, for those who want to secure their account we will have a custodial wallet option as well.
8I'm an influencer/content creator/partner - Who should I contact?
Scroll down to the #team section of the website and get in touch with Vitalie, our CMO.
9Where can I get more information about this?
The best thing you can do is follow us on twitter, or read our blog on medium. Here are the links for your convenience.
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Meet the amazing

Puzzles Crusade Team!

The Bear

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Although by name he is believed to be more of an expert in honey and barrels, it is rumored that he would be good at creating strategies and profitable projects in the long run, as well as some nice designs. Probably just a rumor, but we like to believe it.

The Rat

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

This man is the creative genius who crafts the amazing world of Puzzles Crusade from lines of code. He uses the keyboard like a magic wand to create exciting adventures. You'll meet his talent in every quest and mission throughout the entire game.

The Wolf

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

The latest monitoring of him shows that he is better at spending money than collecting it. Sometimes through pubs, other times in projects that are ready to explode, but in both cases he does it together with the team and investors. Let's give him a chance.

The Bull

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

The man in charge of our marketing across all channels. If you see uncensored posts on our socials - he's the one to blame. He also makes large communities feel more like family, so he's likewise guilty for all the friends you'll make in our discord.